Aleppo Soap 75%

Ingredients: 25% Olive Oil & 75% Laurel Oil
Usage- For face and hair only
WEIGHT: 106-112 gram

This soap is obtained by hot process saponification of extra virgin (first cold pressing) olive oil and bay laurel oil. It perfectly cleanses the skin while nourishing it.

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients of this Aleppo soap are: olive oil, laurel berry oil., soda ash (wood ash) and water.
This Aleppo Soap is recommended for daily face wash and hair wash and is suitable for all skin types.
Rub soap on wet skin, wash then rinse with water.

How To Store: Avoid keeping soap in shower area as it is very humid. Don’t keep soap on a ledge in your shower where it’s exposed to a stream of water or excessive steam. Store the soap in a dry and well-ventilated place after use so that it does not become damp or melt.

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