Brand Story


Brand Story

Embarking on a journey ignited by curiosity, entrepreneur Tausif Mohi’s odyssey commenced with a serendipitous encounter with Aleppo soap, a magical elixir gifted to him by a Syrian friend. Its transformative power in just a few washes left Tausif intrigued, sparking a quest to unveil the mystique behind this ancient soap.

This curiosity led Tausif on a voyage to Syria itself, where he delved into the world of legendary soap artisans who had crafted this marvel for millennia. What he unearthed was a historical legacy too captivating to be confined. Thus, the idea bloomed – he would share this piece of history with India and the world. The doors of his Syrian soap factory swung wide open, and from this crucible emerged Laurel Savon – an homage embodied by its very name, signifying ‘Laurel Soap’ in the mellifluous language of French.

However, this journey encompassed more than exceptional skincare. Tausif’s drive resonated with a higher purpose – to stand by fellow entrepreneurs and Aleppo soap artisans scarred by the ravages of war. The heart of Laurel Savon beat for both tradition and solidarity.
Each soap bears witness to a centuries-old tradition, meticulously handmade in Syria. A harmonious fusion of nature’s bounty, the soaps embody 100% natural ingredients, devoid of synthetic additives. The crafting process, steeped in sustainability, employs the finest cold-pressed olive and laurel oils.

Laurel Savon epitomizes a saga of heritage, resilience, and transformation. It’s more than soap; it’s a narrative of connection, uniting time-honored craftsmanship with a modern vision for change. Join us in experiencing the allure of Laurel Savon – where history lathers up into a luxurious symphony of care.